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MGM University

DR.G.Y. Pathrikar College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Aurangabad, Maharashtra


Earn & Learn


The students in our college are given financial assistance through the students’ welfare schemes in various departments of the college. “Earn and Learn scheme” is one of the important schemes in this regard. It is for the students, who want to earn money while they are studying. A record is maintained of his/her work and, at the end of the academic year, some sizable amount is given to them, depending upon on their attendance.The scheme is run without any financial assistance of the government.


  • To provide economic help to the needy students by providing them part-time work in the premises.
  • To utilise the power of youth in various activities of the departments.
  • To upgrade the economic level of the students by providing them necessary work in the Earn & Learn Scheme.
  • To inspire a work culture among the students.

Committee Members

1.Dr.Prapti Deshmukh (Principal)

2.Mr. Dayanand B. Gore

Photo Gallary

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Sport Day Work In Badminton Hall

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Pitch Measurement at Ground

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Cleaning at college campus

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Trees Plantation In College

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Computer lab Maintanance

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College Garden Maintenance


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