Graphics With C
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Multiple Choice Questions & Answers:- 

1) What is ZUI in computer Graphics ?

    B)Logical Enhancement of GUI
    C)An application that saves memory
    D)None of above

 Answer = A 

2) In Bresenham's algorithm, while generating a circle , it is easy to generate?

    A)One octant first and other by successive reflection
    B)One octant first and other by successive rotation
    C)One octant first and other by successive translation
    D)All octants

Answer = A 

3) Why a circle drawn on the screen appears to be elliptical  ?

    A)It is due to the aspect ratio of monitor
    B)Screen has rectangular shape
    C)Our eyes are not at the same level on screen
    D)CRT is completely spherical

Answer = A

4) In bresenhan's algorithm error term is initialized to ?

    D)None of above

Answer = A

5) Which of the following technique is used in Midpoint Subdivision algorithm ?

    A)Linear search
    B)Binary search
    C)Heap sort
    D)Bubble sort

Answer = B 

6) Which of the following clipping algorithm follows the Divide and Conquer strategy?

    A)4-bit algorithm
    B)Midpoint algorithm
    C)Cyrus break algorithm
    D)Cohen- Sutherland algorithm

Answer = B 

7) A line with endpoints codes as 0000 and 0100 is ?

    A)Partially invisible
    B)Completely visible
    C)Completely invisible
    D)Trivially invisible

Answer = A

8) Choose the correct statement?

    A)Random scan monitors draw a picture one line at a time
    B)The components line of a random scan picture must be refreshed in a particular order
    C)Raster scan monitors draw a picture one line at a time
    D)Random scan method is well suited for displaying shading and color areas

Answer = A
9) Hue of color is related to ?


Answer = D 

10) The phenomenon of having a continuous glow of a beam on the screen even after it is removed is called as ?


Answer = C 

11) The line 2x-y+4=0, if clipped against this window will connect the points ?

    A)(0, 1) and (3, 3)
    B)(0, 1) and (2, 3)
    C)(1, 2) and (4, 2)
    D)None of above

Answer = D
12)Reflection of a point about x-axis, followed by a counter-clockwise rotation of 900 , is equivalent to reflection about the line ?

    A)x = -y
    B)y = - x
    C)x = y
    D)x + y = 1

Answer = C
13) The best hidden surface removal method used for complex scenes with more than a few thousand surfaces is ?

    A)depth sorting method
    B)depth buffer algorithm
    D)octree method
    E)C and D

Answer = E
14) The point at which a set of projected parallel lines appear to coverage is called as a ?

    A)convergence point
    B)vanishing point
    C)point of illusion
    D)point of delusion

Answer = B
15) The basic element of a picture in volume graphics is ?

    D)None of above

Answer = C 
16) Let R be the radius of a circle. The angle subtended by an arc of length R at the center of the circle is ?

    A)1 degree
    B)1 radian
    C)45 degree
    D)impossible to determine

Answer = B 
17) A bilinear transformation can be simulated by the transformation ?

    A)transformation, rotation and stretching
    B)translation and rotation
    C)rotation, stretching and inversion
    D)rotation, stretching, inversion and translation

Answer = D

18) A circle, if scaled only in one direction becomes a ?

    D)remains a circle

Answer = C 

19)  When several types of output devices are available in graphics installation, it is convenient to use ?

    A)bundled attributes
    B)unbundles attributes
    C)inquiry attributes
    D)all of above

Answer = A 

20) x = at2 ; y = 2at is the parametric equation of ?

    B)Rectangular hyperbola

Answer = C 

21) In displaying a clipped picture the efficient method is ?

    A)Clipping against the window and then applying the window transformation
    B)Applying window transformation and then clipping against the viewport
    C)Both A and B have the same efficiency
    D)Efficiency depends on whether the window is an aligned rectangle or not

Answer = D

22) The anti - aliasing technique which allows shift of 1/4,1/2 and 3/4 of a pixel diameter enabling a closer path of a line is ?

    A)Pixel phasing
    C)Intensity compensation
    D)Sampling technique

Answer = A 

23) All the hidden surface algorithms employe image space approach except ?

    A)Back face removal
    B)Depth buffer method
    C)Scan line method
    D)Depth sort method

Answer = A 

24) The major components of CRT are ?

    A)Electronic Gun
    B)Phosphorous coated screen
    C)Control electrodes
    D)Deflection yoke
    E)All of above

Answer = E 

25)  ........ used to regulate the flow of elections in CRT ?

    A)Electronic Gun
    B)Focusing electrode
    C)Control electrode
    D)All of the above

Answer = C 

26) The glow given off by the, phosphor during exposure of the electron beam is known as ?

    D)All of the above

Answer = A 

27)  Raster is a synonym for the term ?

    D)All of above

Answer = B 

28)  The ......... simply reads each successive byte of data from the frame buffer?

    A)Digital Controller
    B)Data Controller
    C)Display Controller
    D)All of above

Answer = C 

29) Reflection of a point about x-axis, followed by a counter-clockwise rotation of 900, is equivalent to reflection about the line ?

    A)x = - y
    B)y = - x
    C)x = y
    D)x + y = 1

Answer = C

30) In the raster scan method for transformation, a 900 rotation can be performed by  ?

    A)reversing the order of bits within each row in the frame buffer
    B)by performing XOR on the frame buffer location
    C)by coping each row of the block into a column in the new frame buffer location
    D)None of above

Answer = C 

31) Which of the following is an odd function ?

    A)f(x) = x2 - |x|
    B)f(x) = sin(x) + cos(x)
    C)f(x) = (x)(ax + 1) / (ax - 1)
    D)None of these

Answer = D 

32) Obliquee projection with an angle of 450 to the horizontal plane is called as ?

    A)Cabinaet projection
    B)Isometric projection
    C)Cavalier projection
    D)None of these

Answer = C

33) The people of the planet Mars designed a scale for measuring the temperature, in which water freezes at 100 units and boils at 250 units. The people of Jupiter designed a scale in which water freezes at 75 units and boils at 300 units. A temperature of 200 units in Mars will measure ..... in Jupiter ?


Answer = B 

34) (2,4) is a point on a circle that has center at the origin. Which of the following points are also on circle  ?

    E)All of above

Answer = E 

35) A cube of side 1 unit is places such that the origin coincides with one of its vertices and the three axes run along three of its edges. The vertex diagonally opposite to (0,1,0) is  ?


Answer = D 

36) Which of the following statement is true ?

    A)Request, sample and event are the three basic modes of input
    B)Keyboard is a device ideally suited for use in sample mode
    C)A mouse is typically a device for inputting an absolute position on the screen
    D)Special graphics hardware support is essential for providing menu-driven user interface to an application

Answer = A

37) Choose the incorrect statement from the following about the basic ray tracing technique used in image synthesis ?

    A)In this technique rays are cast from the eye point through every pixel on the screen
    B)In this technique, viewing transformation are not supplied to the scene prior to rendering
    C)This technique removes hidden surfaces.
    D)In this technique rays are cast from the light source to the object in the scene

Answer = D 

38) Aspect ratio is generally defined as the ratio of the ?

    A)Vertical to horizontal points
    B)Horizontal to vertical points
    C)Vertical to (horizontal + vertical) points
    D)Either A or B , depending on the convention followed

Answer = D 

39) The ISO standard for computer Graphics is ?

    A)Graphics Kernel System
    B)Graphics Standard System
    C)Computer graphics standard
    D)None of above.

Answer = A 

40) Examples of Presentation Graphics is ?

    A)Bar Charts
    C)Line Graphs
    D)A and C

Answer = D  

41) The technique used to summarize the financial, statistical, mathematical,scientific and economic data is ?

    A)Computer Art
    B)Image processing
    C)Presentation Graphics
    D)None of above

Answer = C 

42) Computer generated models of physical,financial and economic systems are often used for ?

    B)Quality Control
    C)Educational Aid
    D)None of above

Answer =  C

43) Special System designed for some training application are known as ?

    C)Video Display Devices
    D)None of above

Answer =  A

44) Computer Graphics models are now commonly used for making ?

    A)Motion pictures
    B)Music Videos
    C)Television shows
    D)All of above

Answer =  D

45) Graphics and image processing technique used to produce a transformation of one object into another is called ?

    C)Half toning
    D)None of above

Answer =  A

46)  The amount of light emitted by the phosphor coating depends on the?

    A)Number of electrons striking the screen
    B)Speed of electrons striking the screen
    C)Distance from the cathode to the screen
    D)None of above

Answer =  A

47) The maximum number of points that can be displayed without overlap on a CRT is refereed to as  ?

    D)None of above

Answer =  A

48) Gray scale is used in ?

    A)Monitor that have color capability
    B)Monitor that have no color capability
    C)Random scan display
    D)None of above

Answer =  B