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MGM University

DR.G.Y. Pathrikar College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Aurangabad, Maharashtra



Sr.no. Course Name Class Mentor
1 B.Sc. (Computer Science) First Year Ms. Nirupama S. Patodkar , Mr.Ravindra S. Komte , Ms.Vaishali M. Kumbhkarna Ms. Apurva D. Dhawale
2 B.Sc. (Computer Science) Second Year Dr.Vijay K. Kale, Dr. Ajitkumar M. Pundge , Ms. Rita B. Patil
3 B.Sc. (Computer Science) Third Year Dr. Azade S. Y., Dr. Dabhade S.B.
4 B.C.A. (Science) First Year Mr. Ashok S. Sangle, Mr. Laxman J. Taur
5 B.C.A. (Science) Second Year Ms Shete U. B.
6 B.C.A. (Science) Third Year Dr.Rajput Y.M.
7 B.Sc. (Information Technology) First Year Ms. Anjali A. Rokde ,Dr. Nagne A. D.
8 B.Sc. (Information Technology) second Year Ms Pushpa B. Rajegore
9 B.Sc. (Information Technology) Third Year Mr. Dayanand B. Gore
10 B.Sc. (Animation) First Year Ms. Apurva S. Solanke
11 B.Sc. (Animation) Second Year Mr.Deshpande A. P
12 B.Sc. (Animation) Third Year Miss. Urvashi B. Deshmukh
14 B.Sc. (Hardware & Networking ) First Year Mr. Bharat R. Naiknaware
15 B.Sc. (Hardware & Networking ) Second Year Dr. Bansod N. S.

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