Sr.No. Name Of The PhD Scholar Title Of Thesis Year Of Award Of PhD
1 Dr. P.D. Deshmukh Image Enhancement in Digital Image Processing and its Application 2006
2 Dr. S. R. Sankaye Human Perception on Computer Identification of Indian Musical Instruments for High Quality Application 2017
3 Dr. M. M. Kazi Face finger print & signature based multimodel biometric system using score level & decesion level fusion approach 2015
4 Dr. A. D. Nagne  Land Use Classi?cation of Urban Areas from Hyperspectral Data Based on Spectral and Spatial Feature Extraction 2018
5 Dr. V. U. Dange Studies on production,optimization, kinetics and clinical importance of microbial L-asparaginases 2012
6 Dr. Y. M. Rajput Design and development of new wavelet filter for detection and grading of non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy lesions 2017
7 Dr. S.B. Dabhade Hypespectrul Face Image Analysis for Human Authentication 2018
8 Dr. N.S. Bansod Fusion of Speech and EEG Modalities in Multimodal Biometrics System for Human Authentication 2018
9 Dr. D. H. Wanjare The Effect Of Jumprope Training On The Physical Fitness Of The State Level Fencing Players Of Marathwada Region 2017
10 Dr.R. R. Wadalkar Citation Analysis of PhD Theses submited to marathwada agriculture university parbhani during 2003-2012 2017