Sr.No Name of Faculty Member Research Topic Status
1 Dr.Prapti Deshmukh Image Enhancement in Digital Image Processing and its Application Awarded (Dec-2006)
2 Dr. S. R. Sankaye Human Perception on Computer Identification of Indian Musical Instruments for High Quality Application Awarded ( Jan-2017)
3 Dr. R. L. Telgad Development of an Efficient and Secure Biometric System for Recognition by Using Fusion Awarded (Apr-2017)
4 Dr. M. M. Kazi Face,Fingerprint and Signature Based Multimodal Biometrics System: A Score Level and Decision Level Fusion Approach Awarded(April-2016)
5 Dr. Seema Sabnis A Role of Psychological Variables among Different levels Participation in Handball Players Awarded
Sr.No Name of Faculty Member Research Topic Status
1 Mr. S. Y. Azade Software Effort Estimation using Soft Computing Approach Working
2 Mr. V. K. Kale Design and Development of Voice and Iris based Multimodal Biometric System for Human Authentication Working
3 Mr. Ajitkumar Pundge Development of Intelligent Answering System for Online Subjective Examination Working
4 Mr. Bharat R. Naiknaware Textual Features to Predict Popular Content from Social Media Mining Working

Sr.No Name of Faculty Member Research Topic Status
1 Ms. R. L. Telgad Development of computer Graphics Techniques Awarded
2 Mr. S. R. Sankaye Indian Musical Instrument Recognition Using Genetic Algorithm Awarded
3 Ms. S. V. Satonkar Watermarking of Image Processing Techniques /td> Awarded
4 Ms. R. B. Patil Development of Iris Recognition System for Person Identification Awarded
5 Mr. V. K. Kale Development of English Word Recognition System Awarded
6 Mr. Ajitkumar Pundge Multicore Programming Awarded
7 Ms. N. S. Patodkar Dental Biometrics Awarded
8 Ms. Apurva Dhawale Multimodal Biometric System Design Using Fingerprint, Palmprint & Iris Traits For Human Identification Awarded
9 Mr. Bharat Naiknaware Mining the Activities of Active users using Google Analytics Awarded
10 Mr. Ashok Sangle Drainage Morphometric Analysis of Watersheds using Remote Sensing Awarded
11 Ms. Pramodini Punde Age Detection of Blurred Edges in Images using Hough Transform Awarded
12 Seema Sabnis The Effect of Plyometric on explosive power Awarded
13 Mr. Ashish Bhalerao Opinion Mining of User Reviews using Sentiment Analysis Awarded
14 Ms. V. M. Kumbhakarna Medical Image Processing Awarded

M.Phil Pursuing Staff Members

Sr.No Name of Faculty Member Research Topic Status
1 Mr. D. B. Gore ---- Appear III Semester
2 Deepali Sawane ---- Appear III Semester
3 Ravindra Komte ---- Appear III Semester
4 Usha Shete ---- Appear III Semester

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